The mission of State House Girls High School is to excel in the provision of quality education services using an integrated student centered and holistic structure in partnership with key stakeholders and the local community. The educational standards are premised on accountability. Dependability and Excellency.
The core values of the school are professionalism, commitment, integrity, moral uprightness and fairness.
The realization of the above vision is possible only through determination active participation by all key stakeholders.
The teachers, who are the surrogate parents should embrace their roles wholeheartedly and endeavor to the students in order to offer positive guidance, support and encouragement to them desired transformation and growth.
In the past, a lot of effort has been put towards achieving this objective and I sincerely thank all the teachers for the same. I share the many challenges they face in the execution of their duties but ask them to soldier on with determination and professionalism to ensure that not every girl entrusted to them by this nation realizes academic excellence and becomes responsible and dependable citizens and women of excellence not only in immediate environments but also in the wider world.

As they do this every one should also not forget their own professional growth and development. Embrace teamwork, co-operation, creativity and brotherliness realize a warm and peaceful environment for all.
My desire for the students of this school is a great future after realizing high academic achievement. The performance and behavior of every student in the school is of uttermost importance as it affects the overall performance and image positively or negatively.

Every student in the school must aggressively play their roles. They should be receptive to the idea and guidance given to help them attain academic excellence pleasing first and foremost to the individual; the parents, the school and others.
High academic achievement must be accompanied by good morals and integrity. Therefore my appeal to you is to strive to propel yourself to the greatest heights possible in discipline, academic and all other aspects of life available to you. Let this school be your springs board that is the only reward you can give to yourself, your parent who strain day and night to provide for you, your teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that you learn and the managers of this school for giving you excellent facilities, for the pioneers of this school; leave the school better than you found it, may your performance put its name among the very best of its kind.
The parents are the greatest pillar that supports the activities of the school. Your daughter make up State House, feel appreciated for this very fact and for your other roles that make the school we have.
My appeal to all parents is to support, encourage, track and stir their daughters to excellence by demanding the best from them; Secondly let’s all play father/motherly roles so that your daughters behavior does not negatively affect her psychological being performance and the smooth running of the school.
My sincere appreciation goes to all the support staff for their dedication and service. They should know how crucial their role is in maintaining the daily routine and smooth running of the school. Their attitude and execution of their duty affects the girls and might be emulated by some in their future careers. Therefore do the work with honesty, dedication and perfection, also read for growth, in career and personal development.
Finally I thank all the well wishers and other stakeholders. We request for your prayers support and understanding as we steadily overcome the obstacles on our way to realizing phenomenon results in the near future.

urge State House Girls fraternity to develop the attitude of EXCELLENCE.

Excellence means:-
• Superior standard
• Highest quality
• -Extreme quality
• -Maximum quality
This is because excellent people will conquer what ordinary people will about.
Excellent people pursue solutions average people stare at problems.
Excellence is not imposed from the outside. It is released from the inside.
Excellent people make improvement not excuses.
Don’t settle for the average; since Average is the grave in which excellence is buries! Average people strive to fit in while excellent people strive to stand up! STAND UP STATE HOUSE GIRLS!!
Remember: – You can never change what you accept; never can you also change what you refuse to confront! If you keep pretending that mediocrity is your best then you never proceed to excellence.
Stop looking back to your former success don’t settle even when you seem successful; as a matter of fact the greatest enemy of progress is your last success. When you settle on what you have done and believe that you have achieved everything you have just begin to die. Remember the Bible story of the Rich fool!
Develop a deep commitment to excellence!
You will never be excellent until you decide that this is the lifestyle you will have. First you must be the best then you will be the first.
Excellent people don’t try to be the first, they try to be excellent.
A person of excellence will always possess
Ethics and Integrity
Seek these State House Girls. Since excellence has commitment to ethics and high morality.
An excellent person shows genuine respect for others.
To respect means:-
To honour
To value highly
To esteem
To place much worth on another
Girls in State House practice respect to both young and old that will be the source of your blessings. Excellence manifests itself in honouring people.


Go the second mile
Responsibility in greater than rights “give more than you take from life”.
Many people do only what you ask them to do many also do only what they can get away with. Many do what is expected of them and no more!
If you belong to any of the above, then you do not have a spirit of excellence!.
An excellent spirit always goes beyond the call of duty and beyond the assignment.
An excellent spirit does not do just because you were told but it does because it believes and it acts.
Go the second mile! For excellence.
Never stop improving
Excellence is a spirit that is never satisfied. A person may be impressed by what they have done but never satisfied with what they have done.
They are constantly improving. Excellence is the gradual result of striving to be better.
Excellence is constantly improving. If you grow everything will get better, so take responsibility for your own improvement
Always give 100%
Excellent people are more concerned with getting ahead than getting home. Pay the price to reach the goal.
Most of us employed live for 5 o’clock student live for end of a lesson, day or end of prep!! Excellent spirit work not to get home but to build a home/or school in our case. We must go beyond the call of duty! State House Girls!!
Quality is never an accident it is a decision and result of hard work.
Let’s work hard… hard! State House fraternity.
Good leaders manage people and develop systems.
Great leaders develop people and manage systems
I want to be a GREAT LEADER