From the principal’s desk

My name is Mrs. Joan R. Muoti, I am the principal State House Girls’ High school, since 2008. In the last five years I have had the privilege to work with very diligent, committed teachers, spread out through different departments. The school is also supported by a non-teaching staff headed by the bursar and includes the school nurse, matrons, librarian, cooks, and ground people among others.

Over the years the school has grown from 748 in 2008 and now stands at 1165. We receive students both locally and internationally. During my tenure, we have been able to achieve the following:
• Moved the school mean from a B- to a B of 8.5, the highest ever achieved in the school,
• Expansion of classes
• Improvement on ICT
Improvement in school discipline and general environment. We are undertaking expansion in the hostel, dining hall and more classrooms to meet the growing population demand. We are also looking into building more staff houses .

We also nurture student’s talents and hobbies to make the students wholesome to this and we have participated in International competitive musical concerts in Canada and Turkmenistan and a basketball tournament in United States among others.
I thank God for the opportunity to serve. I am sincerely grateful for the support I have received both from the Board of Management (B.O.M), Parents Association (PA), the deputies, teachers together with students. Above all, I thank God for the opportunity to serve State House Girls High School. Thank you.






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