Head of Department
Mrs. Ogweno

‘’A reader is a leader’’ is a maxim we uphold in the English department. If we are shaping the girls to take up leadership roles as they manage their homes as mothers, or offices as professionals or entrepreneurs, then it is crucial that as leaders they must get into the habit of reading at an early age in their lives. The good book talks of the renewing the mind. We ask, ‘’How else can one renew their mind if not through reading and internalizing useful information? ‘’ .This is our mission in the department-to produce avid readers, who are able to articulate issues and communicate the same clearly

This is a dynamic team that has been able to take on, not only the challenging role of integrating the teaching of English grammar and literature but have taken on other responsibilities. Mrs. Omondi assists chaplaincy handles entertainment, and organizes departmental revision. Mrs. Annam Senior HOD in charge of Physical Education teacher. Mrs. Momanyi has taken full charge of the Seventh Day Adventist church members in the school while Mrs. Ogweno is the Head of Department English and the school chaplain. Mrs. Okoth, even as she assist the head of department (for she is the subject head) runs the Rangers movement in the school. Mr. Njenga organizes for the welfare of the department. Sis. Chege assists with revision textbooks management and also works ably with the Drama Club. The team also assists the administration as class teachers or as house mistresses. Noted is the team work, and dedication consistent with the department.

We in the department thank God for the good performance so far.We were able to achieve a mean grade of 8.3 in 2015. This means that the average scored was a B. It is now our challenge to move to a mean grade of 10 which will require every student to score a B+ in English. Once this is realized then we can rest assured that we can now be an A-rated department and not an A-related department.

Who are we? The department has eight members:

1. Mrs. Ogweno, J. Head of Department
2. Mrs. Okoth, A. Head of Subject
3. Mrs. Annam C.
4. Mrs. Momanyi E.
5. Mr. Njenga G.
6. Mrs.Omondi E.
7. Mr. Ratamo
8. Sis. Chege M.