My name is Mrs. Everlyne Nabukwesi, the current  principal of State House Girls’ High school,  I have had the privilege of working with very diligent, committed teachers, spread out through different departments. The school is also supported by a non-teaching staff headed by the bursar and includes the school nurse, matrons, librarian, cooks, and ground people among others.

We receive students both locally and internationally. We have been able to achieve the following:
• Moved the school mean from a B- to a B of 8.5, the highest ever achieved in the school,
• Expansion of classes
• Improvement on ICT

There has been Improvement in school discipline and general environment. We are undertaking expansion in the hostel, dining hall and more classrooms to meet the growing population demand. We are also looking into building more staff houses .

We also nurture student’s talents and hobbies to make the students wholesome to this and we have participated in International competitive musical concerts in Canada and Turkmenistan and a basketball tournament in United States among others.
I thank God for the opportunity to serve. I am sincerely grateful for the support I have received both from the Board of Management (B.O.M), Parents Association (PA), the deputies, teachers together with students. Above all, I thank God for the opportunity to serve State House Girls High School. Thank you.


Academics department has the following mandate;
a. Ensure smooth running of core-curriculums, programmes, e.g. clubs, and games. Control innings and outings of students.
b. Induction programmes geared towards inculcating school ethos and
culture to all new members of the school.
c. Supervise curriculum implementation and evaluation.
d. Oversee preparation of block timetable, allocation of subjects, teaching and learning programmes.
e. Supervise preparation and executing of schemes of work.
f. Oversee career education programmes are geared towards identification & harnessing of student’s talents/gifts.
g. School internal and external evaluation programmes.


The following departments are under academics
1. All academic departments these are; languages, mathematics, science and technical and applied
2. Quality assurance and standards; to monitor and report time management in the school, curriculum implementation among others.
3. Revision; to coordinate all revision matters
4. Carriers; to give career guidance

Examination and evaluation section
To provide high quality, competitive, reliable and valid examinations.
To conduct examinations which directs, measures and evaluates high quality achievement of the objectives as stated by The Education and Curriculum Development. The examination environment shall be guided by values namely: responsibility, integrity, promptness and provision of reliable feedback.

The department has seven members headed by MRS Evelyne Nabukwesi and deputized by Mrs Antonine Okoth, other members are Mrs. Kibira, Ms. Onyango, Mrs. Munyilu, Mrs. Mungara and Mr. Wachira. We have exams running from the start to end of the term. The term starts with entry examinations which contributes 10 %, this is CAT 2, within the term we have 2 RATS which contributes 5 % and end term exams which takes 70 % of the total term marks. We have closing cat exams which account for 10% this exam is CAT 1 for next term, holiday assignment accounts for 5% of the total. Form four students have training exams from January to October. This system keeps the students engaged all the time. We also have a tracking system which monitors students’ performance from form one to form four. Each term we have midterm report and end term report for proper feedback and evaluation.


The first mandate of the Deputy Principal’s office is maintaining high standards of discipline among students thus facilitate achievement of set educational goals.

The responsibility is undertaken by generally all stake holders but more specifically by the Deputy Principal Administration, members of the discipline committee, class and House teachers subject teachers and school matrons.

The deputy constantly communicates behavioral expectations to students at assembly and develops appropriate intervention measures in order to curb indiscipline among students.

Deputy Principal Administration is expected to update the Parents Association on the discipline in the school.

The office keeps record related to discipline. This information acts as reference when giving letters of recommendations and leaving certificates. The discipline committee has authority to punish errant students.

The office develops and amends disciplinary policies and guidelines. The department also harnesses staff members’ synergy in promoting high level disciplinary standards. They administer different and corrective measures on errant students in collaboration with other teachers in school.

The Deputy’s office inducts Form one students on the school’s disciplinary expectations. Proactively responds to the disciplinary challenges posed by students’ dynamics in the school and develops appropriate interventions for disciplinary challenges. It also empowers the students’ council with regard to management of discipline.
The department also positively influences how teachers specifically teachers on duty respond to discipline issues.

The effective discipline department sustains a stable educational environment free of disciplinary disruptions and distractions. The office proactively prevents disciplinary disruptions and distractions.

The office handles major discipline cases by investigation and recommendation of disciplinary action to be taken. It upholds general discipline of staff and students in the schools. It also looks into any chronic academic discipline with a an aim of assisting teachers enhance learning.
Consults with parents in reference to chronic discipline cases. Support subject teachers in dealing with student academic indiscipline in their respective subjects.

Work closely on daily basis with the Deputy Principal Academics in ensuring that both social and academic indiscipline amongst students is addressed.

The two offices, ie Deputy Principal Administration and Deputy Principal Academics work closely with QUASO Department to enhance quality teaching and better time management of school.

We believe that discipline is directly linked to academic performance. It is therefore imperative that high standards of discipline are maintained. Enhance strict time management and adherence to the daily routine.

The school has also established a student council to replace the outdated prefect system. The Deputy Administration office coordinates the election by secret ballot and winners are then announced and trained in their different capacities. The student council is a very effective tool of upholding discipline.

The immense support of the Board of managers (BOM) principal, (PA) Parents and all departments has gone a long way in improving discipline the school has realized lately.

I trust that with God on our side we will get where we are meant to be academically and in discipline. God bless you.